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Aarg : Info

"Aarg" is a collection of like minded technical people who specialize in Professional Audio and/or Musical Instrument related repair activity. The basic concept is to be able to pool knowledge and resources for those times when it is needed. As repair people we all get stumped some days, it is good to be able to ask others in the network for their input. "Aarg" was established in November of 2005 while we were all attending a Crown Service School on Crown IT power amplifiers held at Jands in Sydney

It is not completely clear what "Aarg" stands for, my suggestions are as follows : "Aarg" probably stands for Australasian Audio Repairers Guild, it is also a noise that I make after a few beers and definitely a noise that I make when a problem has me temporarily defeated, What is clear is that all "Aarg" members are extremely talented and knowledgeable technical folk who happen to care about the work that they do. The bottom line is that you don't just get something "fixed" (a word that implies a bodgy repair) by an "Aarg" member, you get quality (remember that) service and genuine concern about the repair being undertaken.

Aarg members to date :

David Leigh, Logitronics Pty Ltd, Northcote (Melbourne), Vic, davel@xlogitronics.com.au

Grant Ettrick, Ettrick Audio Visual, Morley (Perth), WA, grant@xeav.com.au

John Farkas, Pro Audio (Mesa Boogie and Motion Sound), Canberra, ACT, john@xproaudio.com.au

Martin Holmes, Logitronics Pty Ltd, Northcote (Melbourne), Vic, martinh@xlogitronics.com.au

Mike Diack, Mt Eden (Auckland), New Zealand, moby@xkcbbs.gen.nz

Kevin Quigley, Quigley Professional Electronics, Prospect Vale (Launceston), Tasmania, qpetas@xbigpond.net.au

Rob Squire, Pro Harmonic Technical Services, Forestville (Adelaide), SA, rob@xproharmonic.com

Warren Huck, Hux Electronics, Mitchelton (Brisbane), Qld, warren@xhux.com.au

Warren McAlister, Phase Engineering, Sydney, NSW, warren@xphaseng.com.au

** Note : please remove the "x" from the email address's or they wont work **