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Hux Electronics : Sales

Hux Electronics is primarily a repair and installation business and sales are a low key activity. Hux Electronics sales are suited to clients who are seeking a low pressure environment for quality audio hardware. Advice is always based on a genuine passion for any product recommended. Following is a partial list of products available from Hux Electronics.

CAIG LABS : Contact/Pot Treatments, ProGold, Cailube, Deoxit (pdf link)

CANARE : Professional Audio Cable

HUX : Mic Pre-Amplifiers, Analogue and Digital Cables, Custom Products

MOGAMI : Professional Audio Cable

NEUTRIK : Professional Audio Connectors, Bantam Patchbays

NEUTRIK NTI : Minstruments Audio Test Tools

SIGNEX : Bantam Patchbays

VALVES (electronic vacuum tubes) : Sovtek, Electro Harmonix, Svetlana and others

WES : Speaker Kits (the brilliant floor standing HDS-455 with crossovers modified and improved by Hux)

Hux Electronics can source a very wide selection of pro audio products, if it's not listed, ask.