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Hux Electronics : Products

All products are built to order, Hux Electronics does not produce product in mass (except to order). This page is intended to show the sorts of things that can be or have been custom made.

Wide Use Products

Hux Universal Balancing Amplifier : a versatile balancing and unbalancing amplifier PCB

Hux DN360 Balanced Output Mod : for the Klark Teknik DN360 Graphic Equaliser (pdf)

Microphone Preamplifier Products

Hux TC-Pre : transformer coupled dual channel high quality microphone preamplifier (no longer made)

Hux Compact Pre : a baby version of the Hux TC-Pre (this version no longer made)

Hux Wee-Pre : a baby mono version of the Hux TC-Pre (this version no longer made)

Summing Amplifier Products

Hux Balanced Buss Summing Amplifier : a high end balanced buss summing amplifier

Broadcast Products

Hux Broadcast Signal Conditioner : automatically corrects channel phase reversal and drop out (no longer made).

Wooden Patchbay Frames

Link to Wooden Patchbay Frames

Hi Fi Speakers

WES : Hi Fi Speaker Kits (the brilliant floor standing HDS-455 with crossovers modified and improved by Hux)

Hux Cables

Digital Audio Cables, XLR and Jack Cables, Adapter Cables and RCA Cables

Hux Other

Custom products include but are not restricted to the following : custom microphone pre-amplifiers, balancing and unbalancing amplifiers, distribution amplifiers, headphone amplifiers, transformer coupled audio isolation boxes, specialist talkback systems, acoustic noise monitor/mute systems, custom power supplies, unusual switch boxes, etc.

Hux TC-Pre

Hux Broadcast Signal Conditioner

Hux Equator : prototype valve line level pre amplifier (with real HT power supply) with interactive passive EQ. The pre amp you use when you want character and lots of it.

Hux Universal Balancing (and unbalancing) Amplifier

Klark Teknik DN360 balanced output modification, uses the Hux Universal Balancing Amplifier PCB as a building block.

Hux Balanced Buss Summing Amplifier

Hux Wooden Patchbay Frames.