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Hux Electronics : Soapbox Page

This is a combination of a technical resource center, a place for me to rave-on occasionally and a place for me to post photo galleries and miscellaneous stuff that may or may not be of interest to others.

Gallery 1 (a collection of pictures of stuff, about 1 meg)

Gallery 2 (more pictures of stuff, about 1 meg)

Gallery 2.5 (pictures of Bobcat Ballet, Mt Isa 2003, about 1 meg)

Gallery 3 (pictures of Bobcat Magic, MT Isa, 2005, a large file of about 1.2 meg)

Gallery 4 (more pictures of stuff, about 1 meg)

Gallery 5 (Amek Media 5.1 console upgrade plus more, about 1 meg)

Gallery 6 (on and on it goes, where she stops I don't knows, about 1 meg)


Gallery 7 (more pictures of stuff, about 1 meg)

Gallery 8 (more pics of stuff, plus building of the Southbank Institute Of Technology recording studio)

Gallery 9 (and still more pictures of stuff)

Gallery 10 (building a radio station, Crow-FM, plus other pics of stuff)

Gallery 11 (I must really love posting pictures of stuff, here are some more)

Gallery 12 (rebuilding a recording studio, QUT Doggett Street)


Gallery 12.5 (more photos of audio stuff)

Gallery 14 (installation of QUT Gasworks, also known as QUT Doggett Street, Studio B and Studio C)

Gallery 15 (more photos of audio stuff, including a cute new radio studio for Crow-FM)

Gallery 16 (still more photos of professional audio stuff)

Gallery 17 (you guessed it, even more photos of audio gear, inc some of a very large PA system on a ship)

Gallery 18 (more amazing photos of of audio gear)


Gallery 19 (on and on and on it goes)

Gallery 20 (Installation of SSL Duality recording console into TAFE Brisbane, Southbank Campus)

Gallery 21 (An ever expanding list of professional audio stuff, repaired or installed by Hux)


T-Shirt Gallery (tech people rely on free T-shirts as we are too hopeless to shop for clothing, pictures, about 600KB)

Death of a Recording Studio (before and after pictures, about 200KB)

Monitor Speakers (near field studio monitor speakers, pdf)

Setting up Loudspeakers in a Rectangular Room

The dB Explained (an attempt to explain this useful concept, pdf)

World Audio Levels (a very useful chart of professional audio levels from Gearhouse Broadcast, pdf)

Get More Out Of Your Small PA System (an article by Greg Simmons, pdf)

CX Magazine Article on Southbank Institute of Technology Recording Studio (installed by Hux, 850KB pdf).

Service Notes (common problems in professional audio equipment)

Technical Reference Material (lots of great stuff)


History 1 (the old me up to 1995)

History 2 (a small sample of custom built stuff up to 1995)

History 3 (more old me up to 1995)

History 4 (The CAAMA Building, design through to fit-out)